About project

  • Genre: Edutainment animated series for toddlers
  • Format: 3D CGI + video (mixed technique), flash animation
  • Number of episodes: 260
  • Episode's length: 5 min
  • Audience: 0+ (core 0-3)
  • Authors: Ilya Popov, Maria Bolshakova
  • General producer: Ilya Popov
  • Art director: Elena Chernova
  • Production: Petersburg animation studio
  • Producer: Anna Korableva

BabyRiki is the first animation project to provide entertainment and education for children in the youngest age-range, from 0 to 3.

BabyRiki is an animated programme with content that covers all aspects of a child’s life. From physical wellbeing to cognitive and soft skills, the musical stories are based around age-appropriate experiences with educational concepts introduced in familiar surroundings and context for infants.

Each BabyRiki character has a famous Kikoriki character prototype and possesses its own unique characteristic features and temper.


Each BabyRiki episode is a simple story, based on a situation familiar to small children with rhythmic and comfortable for a child narrative, interactive elements and, most importantly charming and very touching characters, which look so much alike toys came to life. BabyRiki world is a world of children’s games shown at its climax, when a game is not separable from reality. BabyRiki is a child’s fantasy, toys came to life, who live in an apartment together with a family with kids. The characters feel themselves absolutely at home, they live and sleep anywhere they want, just like kids, who can fall asleep on the floor. However, they do not meet or interact with the kids.

10 BLN
views in China
music albums released
>500 minutes
of additional content
>80 MLN
plays of songs on music platforms
4,6 MLN
subscribers on social media and Youtube
5,6 bln
views on YouTube


Interesting facts

BabyRiki is an animated series created with mixed technique combining 2D video and 3D animation.
Although BabyRiki series is targeted for a very young audience of children under 3 years old and their parents, it is also loved by teenagers and elderly audience.
It took 5 years to develop the series from the first idea to the present images of the characters and a concept.
Originally there were nine BabyRiki characters, but then their number was cut down to four. Pandy joined Rosie, Krashy, Chichi and Wally later.
One of the series’s experts on board is Larisa Surkova, a famous family and children psychiogist, Ph.D in Psychology, expert in children development, author of 10 books on family psychology, a mother of five kids.
BabyRiki first scripts of the episodes were completed stories, which were later transformed into a roleplay and musical – edutainment parts.
BabyRiki composers, Marina Landa and Sergey Vasilyev, write 6 -8 songs for the series each month.
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