Event Planning
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Event Planning
The Riki Group organizes various city-wide public events and festivals – everything from interactive game shows to tour performances.

Smeshariki Theater Studio

In St. Petersburg and Moscow, Smeshariki Theater Studio organizes special Kikoriki, BabyRiki and Tina & Tony themed events.

Key competence

  • Conceptualization and production of interactive game shows, theatrical performances, puppet shows, city-wide festivals and sporting events, and tours
  • Planning events that involve costumed characters
  • Organization of holiday Pin-O-Mobile rides
  • Personalized phone calls to children from their favorite animated characters
  • Entertaining and educational programs for little ones, fun lessons for children ages 2–4 and 5–9, and career guidance programs
  • Arranging tours of the Petersburg Animation Studio

About the Theater Studio

For over 10 years, Smeshariki Theater Studio has taken part in all the main St. Petersburg and Moscow city events.
Smeshariki Theater Studio has performed on tour in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, and on Saipan Island.
More than 10,000 people attend special New Year’s events at the Theater Studio every year.

What Makes Smeshariki Theater Studio Unique?

Organizes entertaining and educational programs of varying difficulty.
Creates original event scripts for audiences of all types.
Actors completely transform into popular characters.
Children live out the dream of meeting their favorite cartoon characters.

86 mln
in more than
Russian cities
more than
12 000
events held

For information about organizing Kikoriki, BabyRiki and Tina & Tony themed events in Russia and the CIS, contact the Riki Group by calling +7 (812) 777-77-88
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