About project

  • Genre: animation, comedy, family
  • Format: 2D and 3D CGI
  • Number of episodes: 208 episodes x 6' 30'' (2D), 52 episodes x 11' (3D CGI), special episodes, series «Kikoriki. Sport»
  • Audience: kids ages 4 - 12 and their parents ages 25 - 35
  • Authors: Ilya Popov, Denis Chernov, Salavat Shaikhinurov
  • General producer: Ilya Popov
  • Artistic director: Anatoly Prokhorov
  • Production: Petersburg Animation Studio

Kikoriki is a brand, which has changed modern Russian animation. Kikoriki TV Series is created for a family audience and several generations of kids have grown up watching it. Filled with kind humour, which children intuitively understand, it opens its subtle shades for adults. Kikoriki is a unique brand, which doesn't bear any resemblance to animation images either in Russia, or around the world, Kikoriki characters have been staying very popular for 15 years already!


The KikoRiki world is a place full of adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant cast of characters, who have grown up from the BabyRiki series to develop unique personalities and make new friends in different environments and settings.

of parents watch the show with their children
more than
12 bln
of viewing minutes
more than
hours of braodcasts
broadcasts in
countries of the world
1 mln
of applications' downloads
of the kids in Russia consider Kikoriki their favourite characters
12 mln
of unique users of «RolyPolyLand»
1,3 mln
subscribers of official YouTube channel
3 mln
of views on social networks
recognition rate among target audience in Russia
25 mln
of searches per month in Yandex
2,5 mln
of views on YouTube daily
2,3 bln
of views on YouTube


Interesting facts

Kikoriki page in Russian Wikipedia is one of the most edited ones and is edited more often then «Russia» or «St. Petersburg» pages
Starting from 2003 Petersburg Animation Studio produced more than 60 hours of Kikoriki animation
Kikoriki TV Series is broadcast on TV more than 6000 times per year
Rosie and Bibi are the first animation characters which have been really sent to space
More than 86 million people have participated in events organised with Kikoriki
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