About project

  • Genre: edutainment and adventure
  • Format: 3D CGI/2D
  • Number of episodes: 104
  • Episode's length: 13 min
  • Audience: families with kids under 16 years old, core ages 7-9
  • General producer: Ilya Popov
  • Production: Petersburg animation studio

Edutainment spin-off of Kikoriki series, engaging the kids to explore the world of innovations, technology and discoveries.


PinCode sees the KikoRiki cast all grown-up and rocking the world with their scientific superpowers. In pursuit of scientific knowledge, the team travels the universe in their unique exploration vehicle, the Umflier, which can move them in time, space, volume and dimension. From underwater troublesome fun to shrinking to the size of an atom, the crew follow Captain Pin as they learn about the world we share.


Interesting facts

Sci-fi elements are used in PINCODE series.
48% of Kikoriki audience evaluate Pin as the smartest, creative and talanted character.
Scientific consultants were invited to assist the writers team in presenting the scientific facts in a most simple without distorting the facts.
The audience of the seies often point out that watching PINCODE helps understanding the school curriculum better.
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