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Marmelad Media leads the Russian market in the field of animation licensing. The agency sells licenses and franchises and offers full-service support and promotion of popular family media brands in Russia and the CIS as well as the EU.

Marmelad Media

Marmelad Media is the first MULTI-BRAND licensing agency in Russia.

Marmelad Media represents extremely successful Russian animation brands such as Kikoriki (animated series and feature film franchise), PINCODE, The Fixies, BabyRiki, Jinglekids, and Tina & Tony.

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Benefits of Licensing

Increases sales volume as a result of brand recognition and trust.
Provides opportunities to expand into retail networks and maximize the impact of merchandise on the shelf.
Takes advantage of the synergy effect, leveraging the popularity of an animation project to strengthen brand names.
Enhances prospects for entering international markets.
Provides a cost-effective and time-efficient way to expand a brand portfolio.

What Makes Marmelad Media Unique?

Over 13 years’ experience of operating in the licensing market.
Has successfully brought major international brands to the Russian market.
Portfolio includes family brands targeting all age groups.
Focus on Russian projects: 80% of all the brands the agency represents were created in Russia.
360-degree collaboration: assisting licensees to implement promotional programs, creating design projects, preparing advertising and PR campaigns, developing publishing and multimedia products.
The agency’s own brands make up the vast majority of its projects. Being a copyright holder streamlines the process of working with licensees and reduces the time required for decision making and approvals.
Fully supports licensees during the entire collaboration period.
Offers comprehensive advice to licensees, including on product design issues.

Kikoriki Chocolate Eggs
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Chocolate Balls
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Sliced Cheese
Kikoriki Dumplings
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Confectionery
Kikoriki Bize-Sized Cakes
Kikoriki Hot Dogs
Kikoriki Milk Shakes
Kikoriki Drinks
BabyRiki DVDs
BabyRiki Magazines and Coloring Books
Kikoriki Board Games
Kikoriki Puzzles
Kikoriki Building Sets
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Art Supplies and Blocks
Kikoriki Board Games, Art Supplies
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon School Supplies
Настольные игры «ПИНКОД»
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon School Supplies
Товары для праздника «Малышарики»
Kikoriki Collectible Figurines
Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Projector Flashlights
Kikoriki Warm-up Plush Toys
BabyRiki Plush Toys
Kikoriki Snow Saucers
Kikoriki Car Seats and Accessories
Kikoriki Air Conditioners
Kikoriki and Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon Glassware
Kikoriki Scrub Caps
BabyRiki Tights and Socks
BabyRiki Bedding
Канцелярская продукция с «Дашей Путешественницей»
Детская коллекция одежды «Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны»
Шоколадные яйца, конфеты и леденцы с брендом «Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны»
Канцелярская продукция с «Губкой Бобом»
Конфеты с «Дашей Путешественницей»
Посуда с «Губкой Бобом»
Подушки «Черепашки-Ниндзя»
Канцелярская продукция «Черепашки-Ниндзя»
Мягкие игрушки «Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны»
Соки «Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны»
Кондитерские изделия «Фиксики»
Настольные игры «Фиксики»
Ролики и защита «Фиксики»
Товары для праздников «Фиксики»
Игрушки «Фиксики»
Книги и журналы «Фиксики»
Очки и заколки «Даша Путешественница»
Детская одежда «Даша Путешественница»
Рюкзаки, сумки и канцелярская продукция с «Губкой Бобом»
Одежда с «Черепашками-Ниндзя»
Игры с брендом «Тима и Тома»
Мягкие игрушки «Тима и Тома»
Kikoriki franchise network
stores and children’s centers in Russia
categories of merchandise
6 000
different products
more than

Julia Sofronova

Managing Director, Aeroplane Productions
“Marmelad Media guided The Fixies as our brand took its first steps into the licensing market. The company’s experience spared us some bumps and bruises at the beginning of our journey. The agency helped us to create brand books and work with licensees. Today The Fixies is a completely independent and established brand, but we know that a consistent and reliable business partner is standing by, always ready to support us.”

Pavel Muntyan

General Producer, Toonbox Studio
“We began working with Marmelad Media almost as soon as we launched the Qumi-Qumi series, with no more than 10 original episodes on hand. Ratings, which could help the agency sell our license, were not even part of the conversation yet. Marmelad Media successfully brought our brand to market and managed to attract buyers, so the first licensed products under the Qumi-Qumi brand appeared as a result of their work.”

For information about partnership opportunities with one of the Riki Group’s brands, contact the Licensing Department by calling (812) 777–77–88
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