The Fixies

About project

  • Genre: edutainment
  • Format: 3D (CGI) + 2D (flash)
  • Number of episodes: 262
  • Episode’s length: 6 min
  • Audience: boys and girls 4-7, family co-viewing
  • Author: Alexander Tatarsky, Georgy Vasiliev
  • General Producer: Ilya Popov, Julia Nikolaeva
  • Producer: Georgy Vasiliev, Ilya Popov, Julia Nikolaeva, Oksana Gukasyan, Michael Mennies
  • Production: Aeroplane Productions

An instant TV hit since its premier in 2010 Aeroplane Production’s “The Fixies” has grown year after year, not only as one of Russia’s biggest animated brands of all time, but as an international hit sold into over 150+ countries. The edutainment brand for boys and girls 4-7 boasts 5 seasons of series, 2 feature films, a robust licensing and publishing program, live stage shows and more. The show has more than 25 billion online views around the world with more than 2 million views/day on its English YouTube channel which is managed by Wildbrain.


“The Fixies” follows the misadventures of Tom Thomas and his friendship with Simka, Nolik and their Fixies classmates. Simka and Nolik are the children of the tiny Fixie family that secretly lives in his apartment fixing the multitude of machines and gadgets all around them. Luckily the Fixies have the knowledge, skills, and tools to figure out a problem and solve it in this funny and educational series about how things work. Each episode is devoted to one of the gadgets, equipment, or phenomena. The series explains to children how the world around them is arranged. With the fixies, kids learn about things and how to use the complicated equipment carefully through play and entertainment.

countries of the world
120 mln
plays on music platforms
more than
licensed products with “The Fixies” brand
More than
10 mln
subscribers on YouTube
More than
14 bln
views in China
More than
1 mln
subscribers on social networks
10 bln
views on YouTube
Among the favorite Russian animation brands
100 000
TV shows in Russia


Interesting facts

A famous Russian animation director, Alexander Tatarsky (“Plasticine Crow”, “Last Year’s Snow Falling”) suggested using Eduard Uspensky’s story “Little guarantee people” as a basis for a new animation series.
The world “Fixie” is coined from two English words: “pixie” and “to fix”.
The Fixies’ sign was drawn and registered even before the characters were created.
The artists have been working on the images of the Fixies for several years, when Yury Pronin, the artistic director, suggested that they should be able to turn into small screws to hide from the humans and made the characters’ shape resemble them.
The actress Larissa Brochman is voicing several characters in the series: Simka, Digit, Tom Thomas’s Mom and sometimes the dog Chewsocka.
The songs, which the Fixies like are called “Fixie Ditties”. There are more than 30 songs included in “Fixie Ditties” compilation.
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