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Riki Production Center brings together the largest international team of media experts, producers, animators, licensing and marketing specialists in Russia.


Riki Production Center aims to develop a portfolio of current and popular media designed to attract both Russian and international family audience, and to integrate its content into all areas of family life.

Riki projects now include Kikoriki (animated series and feature film franchise), PINCODE, BabyRiki, Tina & Tony, and The Fixies. In previous years Riki has also produced Alisa Knows What to Do, Qumi-Qumi, Kit and Kate and many more.

Key competence

  • Creating new projects “from scratch”: from concept development (which includes analysis of potential idea, expert evaluation, script treatment, graphic and technical solutions, and so on) right through to production and then launch of brands on the Russian and international markets.
  • Finding promising projects created by other teams (both existing and partially completed) and developing them.
  • Comprehensive promotion of existing projects, including joint ventures with partner companies.
  • Bringing new projects to the Russian and international markets is Riki Productions’ utmost priority.

About Riki Production Center

Collaborates with the largest animation studios in Russia and the CIS.
Works with experts from around a dozen countries (script writers, artists, creative teams, graphic and visual design specialists).
Works with sound recording studios in Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow), the USA (Los Angeles), Spain, Portugal and China.
Partners with the world’s leading distribution agencies and TV channels.
Partners with TV channels in Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS (more than 300 TV channels).
Regularly takes part in major TV/film market events and TV/film festivals.
Continuously develops, keeps up with global trends in animation, and gets involved in significant market events.
Participates in the design and development of theme parks.

What Makes Riki Production Center Unique?

Riki is the only production company in Russia with such an extensive portfolio of family and children’s brands.
Riki Production Center offers a full range of brand creation and development services: Riki’s multidivisional structure allows the company to work according to the 360-degree collaborative principle (including licensing support, GR consulting, package design, marketing, and digital content distribution).
The company has many years of experience in positioning animation brands (animated and game-based series, feature films, TV shows) and developing creative designs for children and families: mobile apps, online platforms and portals, game applications, and innovative services.
Riki Production Center brings together an international team of experts. The Riki Development Fund, operating under the Riki Productions umbrella, provides complete support during the entire brand creation and building process. The Fund works on developing at least 10 new projects simultaneously, whether TV series or feature-length films.

If you have created an original concept, characters or “worlds”, or you have a new project or business idea, whether complete or not yet realized, related to animation or not, then write to us!
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