About project

  • Genre: edutainment
  • Format: 3D (CGI)
  • Length: 80 min
  • Audience: 6+
  • Production: Aeroplane Productions
  • Release: 21 December, 2019
  • Producers: Georgy Vasiliev, Ilya Popov, Sergey Sarkisov


Fixies are kind little people who live inside machines and appliances and take care of equipment. The Fixies hide from people: there are only a few lucky people in the world who communicate with them. In the Professor Eugenius's laboratory there is the Fixies school, and only the boy called TomThomas and his friend Kate know about it. But one day, elusive creatures appear there. They spy on the Fixies and threaten their privacy. Who are these strange robots-crabots, what do they need and who is standing behind them? It turns out that Eugenius has an old enemy, and the Professor is challenged to a duel in order to settle old scores! New friends, Mega and Alt, will come to the aid of our Fixies, and everyone will get into an incredible whirlpool of adventures!

Box-office results

Interesting facts

The animated feature has become a participant of the 2019-2020 film distribution "New Year's battle", maintaining a leadership position in the children's segment.
Three Film Directors worked on the animated feature simultaneously: Vasiliy Bedoshvili, Oleg Uzhinov and Ivan Pshonkin.
The poster of the movie "The Fixies VS Crabots" was integrated into the advertising video of the Google search engine, which was released a month before the movie premiere.
In two days, the New Year’s campaign with the characters of the movie "Throw the snowballs with wishes" in the social network "Odnoklassniki" involved 35 million people who sent each other 300 million messages.
“Yandex.The Textbook” Platform held a mathematical Olympiad among pupils in February 2020 based on the movie "The Fixies VS Crabots", where more than 500 thousand children participated.
Exterior locations like streets, a river, a bridge were used in the movie "The Fixies VS Crabots" the first time in the life of the project. Before that, all the stories of "The Fixies" were played out only inside the interiors.
The members of the Aeroplane Animation Studio had to master a lot of visual special effects related to water, since a significant part of the movie's action takes place on a ship.
At the 25th anniversary Open Russian animation film festival in Suzdal, the movie "The Fixies vs Crabots" received a diploma in the category "Best feature film".
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