Tina & Tony

About project

  • Genre: family, comedy, adventure
  • Format: 3D CGI+Flash
  • Number of episodes: 156
  • Episode’s length: 5 min
  • Audience: family (core – preschool, ages 3-5)
  • Authors: Olga Titova, Ilya Bereznitskas
  • General Producer: Ilya Popov, Yulia Nikolaeva
  • Producer: Anna Korableva
  • Artistic director: Elena Chernova
  • Production: Petersburg Animation Studio

Tina&Tony is a project for preschoolers, dreamers and inventors, whose world is full of adventures. Facing the situations and emotions which all the children experience and finding the correct behaviour model, the characters share their discoveries with the audience, thus helping kids in exploring the world around them.


Baby hippo Tony and baby elephant Tina are two best friends. They live in a “Cookie” village, which is full of miracles, adventures and merry friends. This cozy world is a reflection of games which happen inside the kids rooms, where kids make their own rules and make their favourite toys alive by force of the fantasies. Unlike the real kids’ games, where the parents are not usually permitted to trespass, Tina & Tony’s world is always open for the parents – a light irony, jokes and the characters’ adventures will be interesting for both kids and their parents.

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views on YouTube
>6 BLN
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Interesting facts

in the original idea of the authors both main characters of the series were boys.
in line with the concept “world without aggression” there are no antagonists in the series.
the characters of the series are often called “marshmallow”, and the artists based the color palette of the series on this reference.
the main characters’ names were chosen after the composers Marina Landa and Sergey Vasiliev wrote the main musical theme for the series.
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