About project

  • Genre: comedy, adventures
  • Format: 3D
  • Episodes: 70 min
  • Audience: family, 6+
  • Producers: Ilya Popov, Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Elena Chirkova

When toys come to life, it’s too late for games!


A relic “Heart of the Panda” is stolen during its transportation to a customer in Russia. A diamond is hidden inside a teddy bear, which ends in a toy store by accident. A professional thief gets employed at the toy store to snatch this relic for good. On the way to his goal, our thief will have to face the greatest obstacle in his entire career — living toys. The treasure doesn’t just evade him, it literally runs away. In order to get the diamond, the incorrigible thief will have to learn how to get along not only with the owners and the clients of the store, but also with living toys.

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