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4 Screens
4 Screens is the largest developer and distributor of kids’ video content featured as Let’s Play webisodes on YouTube and other web platforms. The company handles all aspects of the video production and release process – from market and trend analysis, to creation and development of kids’ video content, to distribution and advertising.

Kids video content production

4 Screens works with kids’ bloggers and manages 15 YouTube channels including Papa Rob’s Show, Papa’s Home, Boys’ World, Kikoriki Live, Kid Hopper, Girl Nation, League of Villains, and others.

Key competence

  • Development of kids’ video content “from scratch”
  • Management of all production processes
  • Wide distribution on leading web platforms
  • Brand promotion on YouTube and other web platforms
  • Licensing
  • Customized setup and maintenance of branded channels

About the company:

18 video channels for kids from 0 to 14 years of age
Partnership with major online sites
Partnership with leading Russian animation brands
Trending videos on YouTube
The company is a YouTube Certified Partner

What makes us unique:

Development of a new niche in game video content for kids (music channel, toy blogs)
Entertaining and interactive storylines that are easy to follow and replay at home
Kids are featured in the videos alongside popular toys and characters
Clear and ongoing storylines
Casts of professional theater and film actors

For information about partnership opportunities, contact 4 Screens by calling +7 (812) 777–77–88
emailing us