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BabyRiki have released a new spin-off project


On the 20th of May, the new animated TV series "BabyRiki. Draw with a Little Star" produced by Riki Group premiered.  New episodes will be released once in two weeks exclusively on SVOD online platform Kinopoisk HD.

"BabyRiki. Draw with a Little Star" is a spin-off of the BabyRiki series, aimed at developing artistic skills in children from 1 to 4 years old. The main character is a familiar and loved by the audience Little Star from the main series. Characters Krashy, Rosy, Wally, Pandy and Chichi together with the Little Star will teach kids to create their first drawings. The drawn lines will come to life as they connect, turning into various items or objects. For example, into animals and plants, environmental objects, transport, construction equipment, fruits and everyday items.

"We have long noticed the interest of young viewers in the character of the Little Star, so we decided to make an independent spin-off series with this character, providing her with new qualities and strengthening her character," said the project's producer, Alexandra Artemyeva.

About BabyRiki

The series premiere of BabyRiki took place in the end of 2015. During this time, 160 episodes of the main series have been released, as well as a musical spin-off "BabyRiki. Sing and Dance!", where the international hits are adapted into the Russian language. Today, BabyRiki has more than 6.5 billion views on Russian YouTube and Chinese platforms, 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 550 thousand fans in social networks in Russia.


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