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Finnick sells to multiple territories


Germany’s Sola Media has secured a wave of international sales for the animated feature Finnick, produced by Riki Group, which will be released by Sony Pictures Russia in Russia and CIS on March 24th 2022.  

The CGI-animated comedy follows the adventures of 13-year-old Christine, who befriends the young prankster Finnick — one of the furry and usually invisible beings known as Finns. The odd couple has to team up as detectives to solve the mysterious events happening in their city. 

Stuttgart-based sales agency Sola Media has already closed distribution agreements for FINNICK with Eagle Pictures (Italy), Independent Films (Benelux), Koch Films (GAS), Vertigo Releasing (UK), Tanweer (Greece), Selmer Media (Scandinavia), MYNDFORM (Iceland), RIALTO (Australia and New Zealand), Black Sheep Films (South Africa) and holds exclusive distribution rights in multiple additional territories. 

“We immediately fell in love with Finnick when we saw the first teaser. The enthusiasm of our first buyers and the quality of the additional materials that we received as the production progressed confirmed our first impression. This Film is beautifully animated, has a high standard of quality and brings across a lot of humor which is especially needed right now. The creative idea to have an invisible Finn in your house is compelling and sparks the audience’s imagination. Who wouldn’t love to have a helpful Finn around?” says Solveig Langeland, Sola Media’s Managing Director.

These new partners join recent sales, which include ACME (Baltics) and KLB SAS (France and French-speaking territories in Europe and Africa).

“I believe FINNICK has the quality animation and original storyline that will be attractive for cinema-goers in the Baltics,” said Stede Ingram, General Manager of ACME FILM, the ​​leading distributor in the Baltic states. ACME plans a wide theatrical release close to the domestic release date.

KLB will be spotlighting this hilarious and very creative animation comedy  and is very happy to bring a Finn to the French audience. "We can not resist the humor, high spirit and happiness of Finnick and were very inspired by the courageous, kind  and daring 13-year old Christine.  After seeing this irresistible  animation, everyone would dream to have a Finn around" says KLB's Managing Director Karen Levy Bencheton. 

Anna Mysskaya, Riki Group Head of International Department comments: “Finnick  was initially created in the trends of world animation and we are so excited to see how this story finds new global viewers. We are proud of new partnerships and possibilities to develop the project. Moreover, we are thrilled by the Russian theatrical release that will be supported by Sony”. 


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