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Report from MIPTV at Cannes


At MIPTV, the Riki Group presented the animated series Kikoriki, BabyRiki, PINCODE, Tina & Tony, Tommy the Little Dragon, Krash and Panda, Weatherville, Liry & Taya, The Kameleons, Fanny & Plume, Beardy Bodo, Question Club, The Amazing Spoilers, Christmas Academy, and Above the Ceiling. Before the market opened, a deal was signed with the German distributor Studio 100, which obtained the rights to 52 episodes of PINCODE, which will be broadcast on Sky JUNIOR in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

The Riki Group company 4Screens, which holds the title of the biggest distribution company and children's content producer in the Let’s Play market segment, signed a contract with Lagardere Studios Distribution to obtain digital distribution rights in Russia for the popular animated series Sonic Boom, based on the world-famous video game Sonic the Hedgehog.

‘Thanks to organizational changes in our group of companies and the bringing together of a large number of projects in the international catalogue managed by Riki, our shared stand was getting crowded, and we decided to expand. With support from the Russian Export Centre, we had a RIKI GROUP/Made in Russia stand at the MIPTV. Over the past two or three years, our company has come become better known and more in demand than ever, and a large number of big foreign companies are coming to us with proposals about partnering in one form or another. Not too long ago, the channel Sky Junior obtained rights to our series PINCODE, and our new series “Krash and Panda”, a co-production with a Chinese state studio called CCTV animation, will come out in June. We’re also beginning to make our first deals regarding that series, which we will announce soon. On 10 April, our feature-length film “Kikoriki. Déjà Vu” was released in South Korea,’ said Diana Yurinova, Riki Group’s deputy general producer for international development.

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Russian Fixies go to Amazon Prime

Both features of The Fixies franchise are soon to be available on Tubi TV(an American ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation), Pluto TV (internet television service owned by Viacom CBS), Roku TV.


Riki Group’s Tina & Tony will premiere on France TV this fall

French public national television broadcaster France TV will show pre-school TV series Tina & Tony.


Riki Group projects travel worldwide

Riki Group, a leading Russian animation company, reports multiple deals within MIPCOM Online + on its flagship projects The Fixies, Kikoriki, PinCode and Tina & Tony.

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