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Smart Masha hosts first tour for children: ‘You’re the editor in chief!’


Employees at the Smart Masha publishing house, part of the Riki Group, organised their first tour for children, called ‘You’re the editor-in-chief!’. Participants tried their hand at the publishing business and created their own mini-issue of Kikoriki magazine.

‘First, working with the lead editors, the kids chose a theme for the issue and selected pieces for publication,’ says Smart Masha deputy editor in chief Konstantin Ushakov. ‘Then, all together, they made a big sketch of the future cover, choosing the characters and background, and colour pictures that fit their theme. After that, guided by the art director, they crafted the back cover. Each child got to try their hand at drawing using the graphics pad. In the end, our little editors handed in their draft to the art director. We’ll make some adjustments and add some more drawings to make it even more interesting.’

After experimenting with editing, the children toured the Riki Group office, visited the studio where animated films are made, enjoyed a private screening of exclusive Kikoriki episodes, and more.

Meanwhile, a new issue of Kikoriki magazine was being printed — the one they worked on themselves. Each received a copy with his or her name on the cover. 

More detailed information is available in the official Smart Masha group on VKontakte.

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