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‘Five Minutes to Sea’ recognized with two prizes at Suzdalfest


On 17 March, prize-winners were announced at the 24th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal.

The short film ‘Five Minutes to Sea’ by Petersburg Animation Studio director Natalia Mirzoyan won a special prize ‘for its ability to make a moment last’ and the Tatarsky Prize, awarded by masters of animation.

Natalia Mirzoyan led the professional ranking, with 278 points.

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Riki Group’s ‘The Fixies’ tops at number of festivals worldwide

Riki Group has scored the Best Feature Film Award from Nenagh Сhildren’s Film Festival for its ‘The Fixies vs. Crabots’.


Riki Group and Sola Media partner for the distribution of Finnick

Germany’s Sola Media has taken sales rights to Riki Group’s animated feature Finnick, which will be introduced to buyers at the upcoming Marche Du Film. 


Riki projects head to new channels globally

Riki Group has announced its successful participation in MIPTV Digital 2021 with a number of international sales.

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